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Vote Joe Anderson on Tuesday August 30, 2016


About Joe Anderson

Mr. Anderson is seeking this position to advocate for local participation in jobs created by the port, which directly impacts the quality of life for residents within the Port District. He also wants to promote the need for environmental protection, increased positive relationships with neighboring municipalities, maintenance of financial responsibility by continuing to not levy taxes and port competitiveness.


Vote Joseph Anderson: Committed to Port Development; Dedicated to the Communities.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection and Port Competitiveness

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Security Measures

Advocate for increased security measures by staying current with the latest technologies by supporting staff and local authorities

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Positive Relationships

To increase positive relationships with neighboring municipalities by partnering with them on local facade and beautification projects

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Financial Responsibility

Maintain financial responsibility to deter the Port from levying taxes

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Local Participation

Advocate for local participation concerning jobs and projects created by the Port district to improve the quality of life for communities within the Port district

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